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What is a good age to photograph my child(ren)?
For newborns it is essential to capture their beauty in the first two weeks of life when they are super sleepy--I LOVE DAY 5. After this age it is best to wait until they are between the ages of 6 to 9 months when they can sit up on their own, smile consistently, and interact more easily.

What should my child wear?
Newborns- They look best when wearing little or no clothing. Accessories add a unique touch to their portraits, including hats, bracelets, headbands, legwarmers, etc. I have lots of accessories for you to use if you don't have any of your own. If there is an outfit you love and it fits your child well then feel free to bring it. You are welcome to be in the portrait with your child. If you want to take any photographs with your hands in the picture, please wear a long sleeved black shirt.
Young children (6mo-18mo)- Usually children come alive when their clothes come off. Feel free to bring an outfit or two, but generally children get upset with each clothing change. Make sure that their outfits fit well so that your child is the focus of the photograph. Again, accessories always add character to the photograph and I have many for you to use.
Older children- Bring anything that really makes their personality shine. Layers of clothing look good; try to avoid clothing that is too big or bulky. Make sure you dress them from head to toe as many of the photographs will show all their details.
Boys- It's best to keep it relaxed. Pop their collar, layer in a funky t-shirt, and throw in some great shoes or show their bare feet.
Girls- Keep it fresh and sassy. Bright colors, leggings, jackets, vests, hats, shoes, and scarves all add to their look.

I have a lot of hats, headbands, flowers, tutus and petticoats for all ages that you are welcome to use.

Places to shop...
The Gap
J Crew Crewcuts
Old Navy

What should my family wear?
Families look best if they shoot for a color scheme and dress everyone to match it, but not necessarily each other. I'd pick a handful of colors and incorporate them into everyone's attire. Dress from head to toe...even wear matching socks...because your entire body will show in many of the pictures.

What should I bring?
I have a lot of props, but if there's something you would like to bring please feel free. Bring snacks for kids and formula (if needed), but make sure that all children are well-fed and well-rested before the session. Bring clothing changes and diapers. Bring a good attitude and as little stress as possible. Children can sense when their parents are stressed and this can make it hard for them to open up and be themselves.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me personally.